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Area Described
The Cultural Arcade of the Inner Canal (Qingjiang Scenic Area) is located in the historic and cultural zone of Dazhakou, Qingjiangpu,in Huaian. The scenic area, including Zhongzhou Island and the channel east of Qingjiang lock and both bank regions, occupies an area of 162,000 square meters. Not only is the Cultural Arcade of the Inner Canal famous for its beautiful ecological environment, but it is a scenic area with its outstanding characteristics of canal culture and local culture. It’s an integrated scenic area which consists of so many historical and cultural attractions, such as, Huaian Opera Museum, Huaian Celebrities Hall, Canal Couplet Museum, Zhouxinfang's former residence, Chen and Pan Temple, Huaian Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Qingpu Tower, Yu Long Park, Former Residences of Celebrities, Imperial Wharf, Ji’ an Ancient Fire Station, Shui Du Kou, Qingjiang Lock and so on.
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